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 Rampant Centaur

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PostSubject: Rampant Centaur   Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:06 am

Effect: When an Xyz Material Monster is detached to activate the effect of an Xyz Monster on your opponent's side of the field: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. Once per turn: You can return 1 face-up card on your side of the field to your hand; detach 1 Xyz Material Monster from a face-up Xyz Monster and banish it. If this card is destroyed by a card your opponent controls: Your opponent can Special Summon 1 monster that was banished by this card's effect.

Pesky XYZ Monsters getting in your way? It's time to run them over with Rampant Centaur.
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Rampant Centaur
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